Enjoy the best Web Clipper in town

  • Clip web content straight into Salesforce
  • Save entire webpages to read later about a lead, contact or client
  • Write a note and attach to a Salesforce object
  • Save even more time with Gathering Mode for research sessions about a single lead or client
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Organize content directly from the Clipper


Assign your clippings and notes to a specific lead or client

  • Once you’ve clipped, immediately assign the clip to a Salesforce object
  • Notes taken with the clipper are stored directly in your selected Salesforce object
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Be better prepared for sales calls, and close more sales

  • Have all web information for leads and contacts right where you need it: Salesforce
  • Avoid the hassle of copy-pasting
  • Your information is available to your co-workers, too
  • Follow co-workers and share clips with Chatter
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